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Legacy Chairman’s Club Member

David Brandon“My parents instilled two very important values in me: hard work and giving back, and I’ve instilled those values in my business and family. We love this community and wanted to make a lasting contribution that would reflect those values for future generations. I’ve volunteered at the Y for 13 years, so I know that the Y is a good steward of resources. In order to strengthen the foundation of the place we raised our children, we enlarged our family by creating a fourth “child”. Our fourth child represents the charities that will benefit from our planning. It is an honor and a privilege to support an organization where Christian principles are practiced each and every day, and where everyone is welcome. It’s a gift that keeps on giving for years to come.”
—David Brandon

As an annual Chairman's Club donor, you have impacted lives and families in your community for many years. We rely on these contributions to change lives through summer camp, youth sports, before and after school programs, and YMCA memberships.

You can ensure that your support of these programs continues for years to come by establishing a named fund within the endowment by becoming a Legacy Chairman's Club.

Here's how it works: Sarah and David Bean have supported the YMCA's annual campaign with a donation of $1,000 each year. Their children learned team values by participating in youth sports, made lifelong friends through summer camp, and as they've matured, are the healthiest they've ever been, and attribute it to being a member of the YMCA. The Beans want to ensure that others in the community will have the same opportunities that their family experienced, and want to leave a legacy by creating a named fund within the endowment.

By making a minimum donation of $25,000, they can create this legacy over time. After speaking with a Y representative, they realized how important their annual gift is. In order to continue their annual support, they decided to donate $6,000 per year for five years. Over that time, $1,000 is designated for annual needs, and $5,000 is designated for endowment. At the end of five years, the $25,000 principal established within the endowment will automatically fulfill their annual contribution in perpetuity. The principal will never be touched, and The Bean Family Endowment will be created.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Our Legacy Chairman's Club

What is the minimum amount to establish a named fund within the endowment? Families or individuals may name a fund at $25,000 or more. This is payable over time, or at one time through a gift of cash or stock.

Can I designate my gift for a specific purpose? The Legacy Chairman's Club was created to provide financial assistance to friends and neighbors in the community who cannot afford YMCA programs or service. However, the YMCA of the Suncoast has specific options to which you can designate your funds: (1) undesignated for highest needs at the time, (2) for use at a specific branch, (3) for facility improvements, and (4) for high-priority programs identified by the board of directors.

Who do I call with questions?
Joanna Castle
Vice President Philanthropy

We hope you will give serious consideration to becoming a member of the Legacy Chairman's Club to ensure that the Y will continue to make a strong impact in the lives of community members for generations to come.

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